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SoundCamp is a not for profit organisation that relies on voluntary contributions on many levels. We are grateful for donations large or small.

SoundCamp brings together members of a dispersed community of artists, scientists, activists, and other listeners who together are creating a live global open microphone network and an acoustic commons.

On International Dawn Chorus Day each year, this patchwork ecology of sounds can be heard together in real time, as the Reveil 24 hour radio broadcast circles the earth at daybreak.

Donations support a lightweight framework for these activities. By donating, you directly support the setup and maintenance of live audio streams and the workshops and technical development that allow the network to grow.

Components for one streambox cost £66. £250 provides one solar off-grid stream. Internet to run a live stereo stream from Maweni Farm in NE Tanzania is US$2 per week, or $104 per year. The London soundcamp which provides the hub for the Reveil broadcast receives no central government or corporate funding. It depends on local support, gifts in kind, and the generosity of individual supporters.

Thank you!

Invertebrate towers
Stave Hill soundcamp 2015
pinhole Ky Lewis