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Prescott - remote recording 2-5-2015

Prescott, Arizona, USA

Latitude: +34°31'48.763"N
Longitude: -112°28'56.712"W

John Hopkins

Forest sounds: neighbors, birds..

From the Prescott National Forest, (altitude 5400 ft/1650 m) in a third growth ponderosa or blackjack pine (Pinus ponderosa) area, sitting on a 3.5 Billion-year-old granite batholith, a live microphone feed before, during, and after dawn brings the sounds of the Common Ground-Dove (Columbina passerina), Red-naped Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus nuchalis), Common Raven (Corvus corax), and a variety of other birds, neighborhood dogs, the over-powered air-conditioning system that the empty neighbor's house has running, a wind-chime, the occasional automobile, and wind in the pines. It's definitely spring, so there may also be the sound of some of the flying insects that are out in large number.

This feed is sent from the studio of Dr. John Hopkins (aka neoscenes), a visual/sonic media artist and learning facilitator. He holds a creative practices PhD from La Trobe University/University of Technology Sydney, an MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder (where he studied film under renown experimental film-maker, Stan Brakhage), and a BSc in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. His transdisciplinary research and workshops explore issues surrounding sustainable creative practices, 'big-picture' system views, networked & tactical media, distributed and community-based DIY & DIWO processes, networked creativity, and Temporary Autonomous Zones. His international media arts practice explores the role of energy in techno-social systems and the effects of technology on energized human encounter. He has taught across more than 20 countries and 60 higher education situations. He is currently materializing a successful Kickstarter project in the mountains of Arizona and serving on the Board of the Ecosa Institute.

You may track his process at
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