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SoundCamp are an art collective based at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe. Since 2013 our practice has developed in response to this place, through residencies, collaborations and commissions. We use real-time technologies to reveal the site's hidden ecologies and make them audible to a diverse audience locally and remotely. This has been replicated in other locations and led to a growing network of listeners and DIY broadcasters sharing live sound from specific listening points - at home, outdoors, under water - in what has been called an emerging Acoustic Commons.

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Reveil is a 24 hour live radio programme, assembled and broadcast from a temporary station at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe. This is also the site of the longest running soundcamp. Real time streams are supplied by contributors around the world at daybreak. The primary feed is hosted by Wave Farm in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York, and aired by our UK broadcast partners Resonance FM / Extra in London UK and a collection of FM and netradio stations.


SoundCamp is coordinated in London by:
Maria Papadomanolaki   voice sound text
Dawn Scarfe
Grant Smith   self-noise.net

With the support of:
Kirsty Collander Brown   Science Gallery

And contributions from:
Artistic advisor:   Gordon Hempton
Writing: Angus Carlyle (CRiSAP)
Graphics: Sam Baraitser Smith
Coding: Max Baraitser Smith
Photography: Ky Lewis
Design: Colin Sackett - Uniformbooks


Keywords: sound, place, ecology, urban ecology, stave hill ecological park, rotherhithe, listening, real-time networks, live sound.

SoundCamp is a London based artist collective developing site responsive work and research around ecologies of sound and place. We coordinate a network of soundcamps and produce the Reveil 24 hour broadcast on International Dawn Chorus Day each year. Current projects include an open microphone network in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, work with community groups in Rotherhithe, and The Acoustic Commons series on Resonance FM/Extra.

We are interested in the way sound can open less known aspects of places and make links between sites, organisms and processes that were separated or unaware.

Activities include: initating and coordinating a network of soundcamps (2014-2018) each May, crowd-sourcing, assembling and transmitting Reveil: a 24 hour live radio broadcast on IDCD; collaboration on R&D of open source solutions for relaying live sounds; collaborative projects with residents of Rotherhithe for 5 years to research, document and share the history of urban ecology in North Southwark, especially through sounds; residencies and site responsive commissions.

Recent presentations include: 'Biosphere Open Microphones as a real-time ecoacoustic observatory', Perspectives on Listening, Brisbane, DEC 2017. 'Humanising algorithmic listening', Sussex Humanities Lab, Univ of Sussex, Digital Music and Sound Arts, Univ of Brighton, DEC 2017. 'Remote listening', Panel, Balance Unbalance, Plymouth University AUG 2017. 'BIOM - a network of open microphones for the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves', Sound and Environment, Univ of Hull, JUL 2017. 'SoundCamp / Reveil', Keynote, Sense of Globe, Univ of Tokyo, JUN 2016.

Publications include: 'The Live Audio Archive', Leonardo, MIT Press, JUL 2017. 'Sounds nothing like the sea', Performance Research April 2016. 'Sounds Remote - a reader', Uniformbooks, MAY 2016.

SoundCamp's work has been supported by Sound and Music, Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Southwark Neighbourhoods, USTSC, NSET, TCV and other local funders.

For a full list of projects see News.