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30 April to 1 May 2022

Soundcamp 2022 gathers around PITCH, a new portable auditorium being designed and built with young people in Rotherhithe by Public Works and Michael Speers. PITCH will host the Reveil 24+1 hour radio broadcast and work by the Acoustic Commons network.

SC9 in London: Full programme

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REVEIL SC 9 is a project of Soundcamp with Stave Hill Ecological Park (TCV) and the Acoustic Commons network: Full Of Noises (Cumbria UK) · Locus Sonus (Aix FR) · Radio CONA (Ljubljana SLO) · HMU (Crete GR) · Cyberforest (Tokyo JP).

Streams are part of the live soundmap operated by Locus Sonus at ESAAIX, Aix-en-Provence. Projects by the Acoustic Commons Network.

The Reveil mix is hosted by Wave Farm in Acra, Upper Hudson Valley, New York. Resonance Radio is our UK broadcast partner. The show is carried each year in whole or in part by a Soundart Radio (UK) , NAISA Radio (Canada), and a network of FM and net radio stations around the world.


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Soundcamp CIC is a not for profit arts organisation. Events as part of Reveil / SC 9 are free. Please consider if you could support this project by making a donation. Thank you!

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