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Puako, Hawaii

Jupiter Research Foundation

Humpback whales

Live transmission of humpback whales in their Hawaii winter breeding ground. The whales have migrated down from their northern summer feeding grounds to give birth, nurse and breed.
They sing elaborate 4 part songs with each part looping repeatedly in a sequence evolved collectively through the season.
The Jupiter Research Foundation is a non-profit scientific research organization dedicated to developing and applying new technologies for monitoring and understanding the natural world, and sharing them with the public and the academic community. It has been relaying live audio of cetaceans in Hawaii since 2003.

Barkley Slope, USA

Neptune hydrophone

Eastern Atlantic hydrophone with announce

Folger Passage, USA

Neptune hydrophone

Eastern Atlantic hydrophone

Oakland, California

August Black (gustonegro)

Permanent microphone on the Locus Sonus network. 'At foot level approximately one block away from highland hospital and two blocks down from where Gertrude Stein grew up'

Koshiro, Japan

Pacific hydrophones with announce

Hydrophones on the LIDO network

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington radio receiver

Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia

Backyard Galah Cam

Periurban soundscape with birdsong, traffic..